Tuesday, June 22, 2010

unexpected absence!

well, my computer got hosed and it's taken a long time for me to have the will to fix it. it's finally done, but i sure lost a lot of stuff. why don't i back up regularly??

i've been working on quite a bit of furniture (end tables, bench) and just got a new headboard for $10 from my favorite thrift store. but, i'm waiting to have the money in place to paint everything. i'm going with real paint, not spray, because the pieces are just too big. thankfully, my dad's got a big air compressor and plenty of know how for using paint guns, so we'll be good to go.

other than that, not too much has been going on with painting, but i have been sewing quite a bit. i modified two euro pillows i had to make them actually 26"x26" (which they were supposed to be, but only measured 24"x24"). i made two pillow covers from some decorative pillows that no longer worked with my color scheme. i made a lumbar pillow from scratch, and a purse too! also worked up a newsboy/messenger style bag for my dad for father's day.

and he also got a piece kind of like this one i did for my mom for mother's day. i'll try to post pictures of everything later today.

what have you guys been up to?

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