Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new life for old books

i love books as decorations. i love books period, but they are also so easy to come by. but, sometimes, the books i want just do not have covers that match my decor. so, i decided to recover some of those books that just don't work for me.

i love brown paper bages, so i used a heavy brown paper drop cloth for some of the books, and i used some really beautiful lawn and leaf bags that i found at goodwill for $1 each:


can you believe someone decided to make such pretty bags to put your lawn waste in? theses colors are exactly what i want to work with in my bedroom. and the best part is that they are double layered, so if you split them along the glue lines, you get twice as much paper! (though the inside lining is just plain brown.


all you need for this is your books, your paper, some mod podge or elmer's or other no name white glue (i think it works just as well as the mod podge), a sponge applicator to smear the glue around, and some newspaper or something to protect your working surface.

i covered these books in the leaf paper, and then added a plain brown paper square to one of them, in case i want to use it as an art journal later so i can label it!


this one i covered with a bunch of strips of brown paper i had, just to see how it turned out. i really like the layered look and the varying directions of the lines. i only covered the front cover and spine with the strips, because the back of the book was blank with stripes of some colors i liked.


basically, you are only limited by your imagination.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

from terra cotta to whole lotta red!

i went to the renovation station a month or so ago. it's a store selling new and used construction/building supplies, hardware, etc. and all the proceeds go to habitat for humanity. awesome!

i found a great deal on some terra cotta pots and had a vision for turning them into cool, sculptural useful items: a bird feeder and bird bath. click any picture for a larger version.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

wonderful giveaway!

come on. you know you want this:

head on over to newly wife's blog for your chance to win!

but i want to win. ok? sound fair? ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

depends on what your definition of "junk" is...

i'm so excited to turn junk into something great. the possibility, the creativity, the joy of transformation! usually, i think of junk as old stuff, but today i turned some brand new junk into a beautiful thing that looks old!

i went and bought a lovely new casual cowboy hat made out of palm leaves. it's soft and fun and will shield my face nicely from the sun while i'm out at the oklahoma city festival of the arts tomorrow. while the nice man was shaping the hat for me, i saw a hat pin with possibility.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wall art arrangement made so much better!

in the january/february 2010 issue of my home, my style magazine, i saw a idea so great, yet so simple, i couldn't believe that i hadn't thought of it before! they finally solved the problem of how to get a perfect preview of an arrangement of wall art, without turning your walls into swiss cheese or driving yourself crazy.

first step is to trace all of the pieces you are possibly interested in hanging onto a sturdy paper. i used a heavy brown drop cloth paper and some paper grocery sacks. i'm sure butcher paper would work well too. you just need something sturdy and big enough to trace your items on. i had to tape multiple pieces together for some of my bigger items.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

room arranging hack

i have always always loved to arrange rooms. even when i'm not good at it! ever since i was big enough to move the furniture by myself, i have rearranged my bedroom constantly, always looking for a more pleasing arrangement. and sometimes, just wanting the freshness that only change can bring.

however, my current bedroom is driving me nuts, and this time it's not enough just to look at the room and start moving stuff. plus, now that i'm an adult, my stuff is bigger and heavier!

but now, thanks to my friend ethan allen (my rich, expensive, completely out of my price range friend), i have a wonderful tool to help me arrange and rearrange my room. and to plan and replan for needed pieces that i don't have.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

what's your style, baby?

image from

brooke made a great post today about finding your own decorating style. sometimes we (me) can get so excited by individual projects that we aren't thinking about the whole piece and how it will fit together.

what a great idea

this is possibly one of the best ideas i have ever seen for random, smallish, possibly partly broken thrift store furniture. or even perfectly good stuff you have around the house that's just not working for you!

scorin' on the clearance aisle!

originally posted on 3/16/2010

i stopped by hobby lobby today with the sole intention of exchanging one item and spending no money. and then i checked the clearance aisle...i was done for, but i totally scored. you can click on the pictures to see a larger image on flickr.

guthrie, plus latest acquisitions

originally posted 3/6/2010

well, guthrie was a bust today. first, i was so sad to discover that my favorite restaurant and yarn store both appeared to have closed. this economy sure is rough. the owners of both were really cool people and i'm sad to think of the disappointment and financial difficulty these events likely brought. i'm going to remember them in my prayers.

mom and i had time to hit up 4-6 shops before we had to leave, and i didn't find a single thing i had to have! i was shocked, especially since i had some gift money burning a hole in my pocket. the only things i found that weren't more than i was willing to spend were a few vintage panther planters that match a lamp of my great grandmother's that my dad gave me recently. but, since we are planning to move soon, i don't really want to buy too many breakables and risk them in a move. and i'm not sure if i want to start a panther collection yet. ;)

but, i did hit an estate sale and a garage sale on friday and got a few things i'm excited about.


originally posted 3/5/2010

finally got the craft blog going! yay!

so, about me...ummm...well, i'm not much of an artist (drawing, painting, etc.) but i can shoot a pretty decent photo (check some of 'em out here. i'm also into making my own cards, and you can see a lot of them on my flickr page as well. along with pictures of my crochet and knitting projects. just don't expect to see much knitting, since it frustrates the heck out of me and i've sworn off it for quite a while.

recently, i've been reading a lot of the awesome ladies at brooke and kallie sure know their way around a can of spray paint and can turn just about any trash into treasure. they've inspired me to update some of my furniture/decorating on the cheap by doing it myself.

i've recently acquired some treasures of my own and hope to post pictures soon. just having some issues with connecting the camera to the laptop. that will be resolved shortly i hope.

and tomorrow, i'm heading to guthrie, ok with my mom for some business (on her end) and then antiquing, etc. guthrie is a beautiful old town full of gorgeous architecture, and some great shops full of interesting old things. hopefully we can find some good deals.

that's it for now i suppose...