Thursday, April 15, 2010


originally posted 3/5/2010

finally got the craft blog going! yay!

so, about me...ummm...well, i'm not much of an artist (drawing, painting, etc.) but i can shoot a pretty decent photo (check some of 'em out here. i'm also into making my own cards, and you can see a lot of them on my flickr page as well. along with pictures of my crochet and knitting projects. just don't expect to see much knitting, since it frustrates the heck out of me and i've sworn off it for quite a while.

recently, i've been reading a lot of the awesome ladies at brooke and kallie sure know their way around a can of spray paint and can turn just about any trash into treasure. they've inspired me to update some of my furniture/decorating on the cheap by doing it myself.

i've recently acquired some treasures of my own and hope to post pictures soon. just having some issues with connecting the camera to the laptop. that will be resolved shortly i hope.

and tomorrow, i'm heading to guthrie, ok with my mom for some business (on her end) and then antiquing, etc. guthrie is a beautiful old town full of gorgeous architecture, and some great shops full of interesting old things. hopefully we can find some good deals.

that's it for now i suppose...

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