Thursday, April 15, 2010

guthrie, plus latest acquisitions

originally posted 3/6/2010

well, guthrie was a bust today. first, i was so sad to discover that my favorite restaurant and yarn store both appeared to have closed. this economy sure is rough. the owners of both were really cool people and i'm sad to think of the disappointment and financial difficulty these events likely brought. i'm going to remember them in my prayers.

mom and i had time to hit up 4-6 shops before we had to leave, and i didn't find a single thing i had to have! i was shocked, especially since i had some gift money burning a hole in my pocket. the only things i found that weren't more than i was willing to spend were a few vintage panther planters that match a lamp of my great grandmother's that my dad gave me recently. but, since we are planning to move soon, i don't really want to buy too many breakables and risk them in a move. and i'm not sure if i want to start a panther collection yet. ;)

but, i did hit an estate sale and a garage sale on friday and got a few things i'm excited about.

first up, the estate sale haul. i was looking for a new bedside lamp, and i came upon this little beauty, with shade for $8. perhaps more than i had to spend, but i love the shape, details and patina on both the lamp and shade. the lamp will likely end up painted, but for now, i love it the way it is. (minus the dust though!)

Picture 004

these little gems were all together in a danish butter cookie tin, along with a bunch of other not so interesting items, for only $2!! i love the brayers and plan to use them in my paper crafting. and i also for some reason have a total love affair with vintage tape measures. this one is canvas and lovely.

Picture 005

great old metal file case, probably has a date with a can of paint soon and will end up in my future craft room. $5. probably a bit too high, but i'm a bit of a magpie. show me the shiny metal and i'm yours.

Picture 006

this lovely metal case called to me immediately. only $1. and then i found out what was inside and fell even deeper in love. at least one of these canisters is destined to become a mini scrapbook.

Picture 008

Picture 010

yes, you are reading that date right. 1959 christmas edition of the saturday evening post.

Picture 011

love the iconic coca cola ad on the back cover.

Picture 013

and the spread on the life of christ has gorgeous artwork and wonderful quotes from the gospels.

Picture 014

Picture 016

now, this is embarrassing. as i was in line to pay, i saw this mirror on the wall. i loved the details and thought it would look great painted. without even touching it, i agreed to pay $8 for it. and after i paid for it, i discovered that the frame was PLASTIC. i was robbed. lesson learned. thank goodness for plastic primer!

Picture 031

but, i totally STOLE this at the garage sale down the street (i also scored some great wood blocked rubber stamps for only $1 each!). i think the frame is ceramic? but it was only $2, and it's only flaw is one chipped point. i'll find something to cover that up with. i just adore the fluer de lis details. i'll probably paint and glaze it in the future, but the patina it has now is pretty interesting and should work nicely in my bedroom. (excuse my rumpled bed as backdrop!)

Picture 030

i got some great old books at the goodwill last week, too. this was the score of the day. 50th anniversary world book atlas published in 1966, for only $.75! i've been wanting old maps and this is perfect. the liner paper is a wonderful embossed wood texture in a gorgeous blue, pluto was still a planet and the USSR was still the USSR.

Picture 022

Picture 023

Picture 024

Picture 027

i absolutely ADORE these. they are a series called "the children's world" and appear to be some kind of encyclopedias for kids. printed 1946-1948. i had to have them and $6 for all four isn't too shabby. check out the wonderful image at the beginning of each book. can't wait to use that on a card!

Picture 021

Picture 020

Picture 019

textbook for a 50's secretarial course in oklahoma city. i totally bought it for the fabulous old paper that the class syllabus was typed on. it will probably become a journal or scrapbook. who knows?

Picture 017

Picture 018

at least one of these reader's digest condensed books is going to become an art journal. the possibilities are endless for the second. i think i gave $1.49 for one and $.75 for the other. i love the cover on the blue one. great detailing.

Picture 033

old thesaurus and cheap dictionary. great for backgrounds for cards. have to buy a bunch cuz there's only one "love" in each.

Picture 035

Picture 034

Picture 036

i'll keep you posted as i start to use these items. :)


  1. Hi Rachel! I just jumped onto your blog from another. I see that you are probably a neighbor to me. I live in Edmond. Come visit my blog sometime too. :)

  2. great to hear from you stacey! thanks so much for commenting! it's so good to know someone's out there reading! if i may ask, where did you find me?