Thursday, April 15, 2010

what's your style, baby?

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brooke made a great post today about finding your own decorating style. sometimes we (me) can get so excited by individual projects that we aren't thinking about the whole piece and how it will fit together.

one of the suggestions i immediately jumped on was to get catalogs from stores that you like and use those for inspiration. between brooke and the commenters, there were a lot of great suggestions, all of which allow you to order catalogs online. for example:

also, here are a couple of style quizzes featured in the post and a comment:

and here's a piece from real simple that might help you along the way to pursuing your personal style.

ethan allen says my style is estate, and real simple says i'm modern graphic. i know i love modern. i need to see more of this "estate" stuff. not sure it's me.

happy hunting for your own style! i'm learning to take my time. it's not a race to get decorated. if you want the best result, take your time to find out what you love and find a way to make that happen in your space. anyone (with money!) can go out and buy a whole room of furniture and accessories at once. but if you take your time and fill your home with things you love, then it's really your home, and spending time in it will be a joy.

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