Thursday, April 15, 2010

what a great idea

this is possibly one of the best ideas i have ever seen for random, smallish, possibly partly broken thrift store furniture. or even perfectly good stuff you have around the house that's just not working for you!

you can check it out yourself at readymade magazine's website. note: i personally would not take their advice about oil-based paint. it's a huge mess, it stinks, it's just wretched. instead, i would read up on brooke's painting and glazing tutorials at all things thrifty and save yourself a ton of work.

this idea opens up so many possibilities to me! sometimes you just can't find bookshelves, a desk, or a hutch, etc. that work for you, or that are within your budget. with this idea and some creativity, you could make a lot of really functional items for not a lot of money. i've seen nice wood tables for $3 or even less at thrift stores, and when you add in craigslist, and garage sales, there are lots of sources for pieces.

if you take this idea up, let me know how it turns out! and please include before and after pictures. i love them!

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