Thursday, April 15, 2010

scorin' on the clearance aisle!

originally posted on 3/16/2010

i stopped by hobby lobby today with the sole intention of exchanging one item and spending no money. and then i checked the clearance aisle...i was done for, but i totally scored. you can click on the pictures to see a larger image on flickr.

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the center image is a wonderful old bell that my father gave me today. it belonged to my grandfather, and i believe is called an elephant bell. it's beautifully engraved with leaves and flowers and has such a wonderful sound when it rings.

the images surrounding the bell i picked up at hobby lobby on clearance for $.80-$2. i'll leave the lantern on the right alone, but everything else will be painted, aged and glazed. i can't wait!

sm2010-03-16_junk haul2

i also got these at hobby lobby. i got three of the item in the top picture. i've taken the ceramic off the wooden backing. i'll paint the backing brown, and the ceramic turquoise with a brown or black glaze. The same treatment likely is in store for the bottom two items, but i'll also take the shadow box apart (i don't have a single "o" in my name!) and something else fun will be done with it. maybe a damask image.


these are images from two of the many books i grabbed at goodwill not long ago. i'm into papercrafting as well, and old books can provide a wealth of material. these are my two favorites: a 50th anniversary edition of the world book atlas (notice the wood grain embossed liner page in the bottom right picture), and 4 volumes (published in 1948 and 1949) of "the child's world" which appears to be sort of like an encyclopedia for kids. I just love the image on the top left. so vintage and cute.

sm2010-03-16_junk haul1

the cubby on the left was rescued (for free!) years ago from a thrift shop in austin, tx. it was free and used to hold cassette tapes, etc. now i plan to sand it to get rid of the really rough edges, paint it and glaze it.

the mirror on the right (close up of detail on top) i just got today for $12.99 (regular 129.99--WOW!) because the mirror was broken. i'm ditching the mirror, painting and glazing the frame, then the possibilities are endless! i might get another mirror for it, i might turn it into a picture frame or shadow box, or i might put some original art in it!

if anyone has any other ideas, lay 'em on me!! i can use all the help i can get!

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